The main scope of the Jean Monnet module on EU Multilingualism, Language Education and Intercultural Dialogue (EUMLEID) is to expand teaching activities in the field of EU studies by addressing a key issue for our societies: linguistic diversity as a distinctive character for Europe. It aims to take EU language policies closer to students of Humanities and Social sciences, the general public and professionals in various fields (language teaching, translation, linguistic services, etc), and promoting European integration studies at the Wisdom College University by giving them a greater visibility at a local, regional and national levels. In line with the history and linguistic features of Albania, where eight minorities live, the module puts together the European dimension and the regional one. Its goal is to enhance the knowledge of European integration and to boost students’ consciousness on European issues with concrete references to their everyday life. The Module has a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach, paying special attention to an issue which constitutes at the same time one of the bases of a European citizenship and an asset for the development of the integration process, as well as the openness to civil society with reference to multilingualism and minorities protection. Based on the fact that, multilingualism is conceived as the most relevant tool for the realisation of wider EU goals, such as bringing Europe closer to its citizens, this course, by its content, will stimulate the feeling of belonging to the EU and make the people trust in the European project. The course will promote the cultural dimension of languages, especially for building inclusive societies and developing intercultural dialogue. As future professionals, who will lead Albania to its EU integration, these students need to have a thorough understanding of the Union. It will be dedicated to students enrolled at MA programmes in Law and Psychology, being hosted by the University College Wisdom. This course thus is an attempt to constitute the basis for this knowledge, with the focus on EU vales, such as linguistic diversity, linguistic rights and intercultural dialogue throughout Europe. The module program will use new innovative teaching methods and tools (i.e. blended learning, simulations, debates).
Outputs of the project:
− Developing and publishing of a textbook on EU values and policies, related mainly to multilingualism, language education and intercultural dialogue etc.
− Publication of scientific articles in the Wisdom Journal.
− Developing and delivering the course “EU Multilingualism, Language Education and Intercultural Dialogue” (in Master studies)
− Organizing two annual roundtables, a workshop, with professors from various Albanian universities
− Organizing an international conference