The final event of the YouCOME project marked a significant milestone, bringing together the six partner countries: North Macedonia, the lead partner; Albania, the host partner for the event; Italy, Montenegro, Poland, and Lebanon. The meeting, held in Tirana, served as a platform to evaluate and discuss the achievements of each partner throughout the project’s duration.

Key areas of discussion included the progress made in training activities, intellectual outputs, dissemination events, and overall project outcomes. Partners shared insights into their respective accomplishments, highlighting the successful implementation of training programs, the development of intellectual outputs, and the effectiveness of dissemination events in reaching target audiences.

The meeting also provided an opportunity to delve into the outcomes and results of the YouCOME project. Partners reflected on the impact of their collaborative efforts, emphasizing the positive changes and contributions made within their communities and target groups.

A significant portion of the discussions revolved around the upcoming activities, underscoring the forward-looking nature of the project. Partners engaged in strategic planning, outlining future initiatives, and setting goals for the continued success and sustainability of the project’s outcomes.

In summary, the final event in Tirana served as a comprehensive review of the YouCOME project, highlighting achievements, discussing outcomes, and placing a strong emphasis on future activities to ensure a lasting impact beyond the project’s conclusion.