Research and Development Institute Wisdom will organize the first training activity, which is in the frame of the “YouCOME” project which is being implemented in 6 countries.

North Macedonia, the project coordinator represented by:

Association for research, education and development “Marketing Gate”

Albania, project partner represented by:

Research and Development Institute Wisdom RDIW

Italy, project partner represented by:

Associazione InCo Interculturalita & comunicazione – InCo []

Montenegro, project parner represented by:

Center for Support of Local and Regional Development – CeP

Poland, project partner represented by:

Institute of New Technologies  INT

 Lebanon, project partner represented by:

Lebanese Development Network LDN

The YouCOME project aims to generate and disseminate knowledge regarding sustainability and social responsibility. Activities are based on a formal and non-formal education approach


There will be 8 topics covered, half a day each. It will take place on the 14, 15, 21, 22 December 2022. The agenda will be provided to all the participants who will be enrolled.


Albania will organize the 1st Training Activity. We welcome all youth who wish to participate to be registered by the 9th of December 2022! The training is free and participants will receive a certificate.

The 4 day sessions will be held at the premises of University College Wisdom